Sunrise on the Beach

...its a beautiful way to start a life together

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Sunrise on the beach

Thank you for stopping by...

Thank you for stopping by our web site.  This site was created as an anniversary present to my wonderful wife.  It shares a little about us, how we meet, got married, etc.  Please look around, read some of our stories and look at our photographs.  We hope you enjoy your time here.  If you find your time here pleasant or like the photographs please stop by our Guest Book and leave us a note.  Thank you for being interested in sharing with us.

Ken and Lynn


We are Gathered Here

 Lynn and I

 'We have gathered here today on this beautiful beach, to share in the joy as Lynn and Ken enter into the covenant of marriage.  Marriage is a promise of hope that endures all things.  Marriage therefore is not to be entered into lightly, for by God's Word, we are commanded to hold it in honor at all times.'

This is how it began as Tony, our minister, began the ceremony.  It was sunrise and yes we were on the beach.  The sky was a beautiful purple and orange.  As the sun began to rise and the sky turned blue we began.

This was the first day of a new journey in our lives.



We married each other twice.

We know this may come as a suprise to some but yes, it is true, we married each other twice.  'How and why' you ask?  Would you believe a crazy sense of adventure?  How about going for a record of how many times we could marry the same person, no... twice would not be enough qualify us for that.  But twice in the same month might.

Well the truth is...  When we started talking about getting married we had plenty of conversations regarding when and where.  The big topic was actually not where to get married but when.  We considered running away together and telling everyone later, okay we didn't really consider that but it sounds romantic.


How did we meet?

The nomal question in many relationships is "So... how did you two meet?".  Like always there are details and introductions etc. But the actual first time we met was in a mall book store.  She was near the front when I came in and she spoke to me first.